More "Gary Coleman" Rock Stars!
a.k.a. Can't Lasso That 'Mouth'!
By the Editor

Well, well well...we actually got an e-mail recently in which we receive praises for our regular GARY COLEMAN ROCK STARS segment:

I'm reading EAR CANDY since I first received the link years ago .. enjoying it mucho! Just can't wait for the next article on the "Gary Coleman" Rock Stars!!!"
I'm happy to say that yes, we do have yet another installment of GCRS for this issue. However, I'm sad to say that there was no angry exchange of e-mails or terse phone calls from publicists. It is basically a boring story of a publicist not fulfilling his word. Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh, as the publicist DID send us a copy of the band's CD. But the promises of live show passes and an interview were totally discarded.

This issue's GARY COLEMAN ROCK STAR is the band Cowboy Mouth, a group that I champion as one of the most energetic live shows around. They've just got a shitty publicist...

Let me back up a little to 1997...
My first try at getting an interview with Cowboy Mouth was in 1997, when they were signed to MCA records. One morning I was startled to hear the old Dash Rip Rock song, "Jenny Says" on the local alternative rock radio station. The song ended up receiving quite a bit of airplay. (Come to find out, Cowboy Mouth drummer Fred LeBlanc wrote "Jenny Says", when he was the drummer for Dash Rip Rock) At this time I was doing freelance writing for several rock publications, I tried to contact Cowboy Mouth for an interview. Remember, this was a time right before the internet explosion had hit its stride, in which everything was handled by either phone calls or faxes at record companies. I was used to being 'handed' from one department to another, that was usually normal procedure. But when I called MCA to set up a cowboy Mouth interview, I was passed to about 20 different people or departments (mind you, these phone calls were all on my dime). When I was finally given back to the very first person I talked to (who then began to repeat the forwarding process…"you need to try so and so…") I decided to call it a day. I did find it odd that a record company had so many publicists, yet no one knew quite who handled Cowboy Mouth.

Fast forward to 2003...
I saw a superb live show by cowboy Mouth at Music Midtown Atlanta 2003! When I heard that they had a new album coming out, I felt it was time to try again for an interview. The publicist was gracious and first. I got a copy of the band's upcoming CD and was told by the publicist that I would be contacted soon about the upcoming show and interview. As the date of the show approached I sent a few e-mails, inquiring about the status of the interview. Well, the concert date came and went and still I heard NOTHING from the publicist. Hmmm, I wonder if this publicist used to work for MCA?

Like I said at the beginning of this article, this is a pretty boring installment of Gary Coleman rock Stars. So, you WERE warned! It is a pity, since I believe that a Fred LeBlanc interview would have been very interesting indeed.

Oh, what about the new Cowboy Mouth CD, you ask? While it is a VERY GOOD CD indeed, we will show the same consideration shown to us and NOT review it! Petty and immature you say? Perhaps...but then again, we at EAR CANDY don't play by the regular "rules" of rock 'n roll journalism. Don't like our honesty? Then by all means, go to another place on the web. You want bullshit? Go pick up a copy of ROLLING STONE.

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